Why Was This the Most Photographed Shirt During Fashion Month?

Photo: Nabile Quenum

Every fashion month there’s always one piece that seems to especially attract the attention of photographers. Last year it was a floral Vetements dress, which was seen on everyone from Yasmin Sewell to Natalie Hartley to Jayne Min. This year, the item of choice was decidedly more unisex and even more popular — if you wore it in any of the four cities, you were going to get photographed.

What was it? Well, it’s a Prada shirt. Called Impossible True Love, it features a drawing by illustrator Christophe Chemin of Cleopatra kissing Elvis. The top first debuted during the January men’s shows and it quickly became a favorite because it’s just so weird and graphic: Virgil Abloh wore it to the men’s shows, Kanye was photographed with it while in Miami. But it wasn’t really until this season that it really blew up.

By our counts, we spotted the shirt eight times and that’s just only what our photographer captured. Whether it was worn with track pants, tucked into a skirt, or draped over the shoulders, it was the item to show off — especially if you happened to have the matching hat. That last tactic was especially effective for Yu Masui who repeated the look in both London and Paris.

Should you want one, there’s precisely one left at Mr. Porter in size small and it’ll cost you $1,020. Otherwise, scroll through and see the many ways the street-style set wore it.

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Why Was This Shirt Everywhere During Fashion Month?