Female Trump Voters Don’t Care If He’s a Sexual Predator

Female Trump supporters. Photo: Darren McCollester/Getty Images

According to recent polls, most of Donald Trump’s remaining supporters are men — 48 percent of male voters say they’re voting for Trump, compared to just 28 percent of female voters. Although they’re in the minority, the women who support Trump are adamant that his alleged history of sexual assault doesn’t impact his ability to lead a country.

“He may be disgusting and maybe he’s done the things that they said he’s done,” Pam Byrd, a North Carolina resident, told the Daily Beast. “But he’s still got common sense and he’s saying smart things.” Her sister, Tina Stevens, agreed.

“I don’t think it’s a personality contest,” she said. “In my job, I’ve had to work with people I didn’t like. But they did a really, really good job. And that’s what I see as far as Trump goes.”

Other women echoed the Trump campaign’s defense, comparing Trump’s actions to those of Hillary Clinton. “Obviously it doesn’t make his character look great,” Meg Prokopenko, another Trump supporter, said of the allegations against him. “But if you look at Bill and Hillary paying hundreds of thousands to cover up a rape that Bill did, I don’t see her as being a champion for women’s rights.” Prokopenko’s mother, who’s also a Trump supporter, suggested the accusations are “part of the big lies of Hillary.”

Not a single woman the Daily Beast spoke to said they would change their minds, even if Trump turned out to be a sexual predator. As Trina Hudson, another resident of North Carolina, put it: “It. Does. Not. Matter. I would still vote for him.”

Female Trump Voters Don’t Care If He’s a Sexual Predator