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Online Shopping, Off-Brand Doritos, and Other Ways to Cope With Election Stress

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Tonight, we find out the results of an election that could usher in the first female president, or signal the end of American democracy as we know it. Needless to say, it has been a stressful day (and week and month and year). Thankfully, Cut staffers are finding productive ways to treat their Trump-induced stress, including off-brand Doritos, CSI reruns, and retail therapy. Here’s how we’re coping:

“I went on three walks around the block, and keep listening to the same EDM song on repeat. I don’t even like EDM.” —Emily Sundberg, Instagram editor

“I went for a run even though I’m sick just to stave off jitters, then promptly canceled out that healthy move by stress-eating candy.” —Jessica Roy, news editor

“I bought a pair of expensive, repurposed-denim mom-jeans. Which I will now have to live with, regardless of the outcome of this election.” —Stella Bugbee, editorial director

“I knew I’d be stressed today, so I got three bananas out of the freezer in the morning. In a few hours, they’d thawed enough to make two loaves of banana bread, which I did while ignoring the news and dancing to Shakira songs. I also threw together a vat of Mediterranean couscous salad for extra distraction.” —Claire Landsbaum, staff writer

“I voted via absentee ballot, but my body still woke up at 5:30 because I was anxious, so I made two extra-large pizza bagels for breakfast and watched three episodes of CSI Miami instead of CNN. I’ve also been listening to ‘Unstoppable’ by Sia all day and was an outspoken advocate for my peers to join in on stress-eating with me and have as many snacks around the office today.” —Lindsay Peoples, fashion market editor

“I put on a cute outfit and listened to the Beatles.” —Leah Rodriguez, producer

“Today I coped with stress by eating. I took three cookies from Jerry [Saltz, New York Magazine’s art critic] and feasted on various forms of sugar.” —Susan Rinkunas, health writer

“I bought a duvet cover, which is the ultimate in stress-shopping — literally a blanket to hide under.” —Izzy Grinspan, senior editor

“I had the morning off, so I went to therapy and talked about my election-related anxiety. Even my therapist seemed stressed about it.” —Lisa Ryan, staff writer

“I calmed my nerves today by listening to the Hamilton soundtrack. The strong vocals and rhythmic music was oddly peaceful, and it made me feel like I was being patriotic.” —Erica Murphy, SEO editor

“While out intending to buy groceries to nourish me over these next two stressful workdays, found myself wandering into the nearby Gap to see if something, anything would briefly offer me solace — a comfy sweater big enough to hide in, maybe? After one lap around the store I somehow snapped out of it, and then picked up more snacks to than I should’ve at the supermarket. I got store-brand Doritos, for crying out loud! This Election Day stress-eating doesn’t even deserve the quality of regular Doritos. I still got the ranch flavor, though. I’m not an animal.” —Marissa Cetin, social media editor

“I went for the gym for the first time in — well, I don’t even want to admit how long. But the endorphins were definitely well-appreciated!” —Anna Silman, culture writer

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