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Anna Wintour Joked About The Devil Wears Prada Last Night

Anna Wintour. Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Glamour

Female empowerment wasn’t the only thing on display at Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards last night in Los Angeles. Friendship was also honored, especially the one between award recipient Miuccia Prada and Anna Wintour, who introduced the designer.

“Every season the day after her show, Miuccia and I have a standing lunch date in Milan,” Wintour said. “Miuccia arrives promptly, always impeccably dressed with exceptional jewelry, and we discuss everything — art, politics, family, film, books, even fashion.”

But apparently there was one thing the friends didn’t talk about. “Many years ago, the Prada name and I were thrown together in the title of a book and then a movie,” Wintour continued. “For a while it seemed that that association was the only flattering thing about the enterprise, and Miuccia and I never discussed it. Finally, at one of our lunches, she leaned across the table and she said, ‘Anna, that book, it’s good for both of us.’ And the subject has never come up again.”

Even the famously stoic editor couldn’t make it through the introduction without getting emotional. “Miuccia was right of course, and I have taken inspiration from her calm confidence ever since. It is her extraordinary wide-ranging mind and her generous vision that we celebrate here tonight. It is with great pride and great love,” she said, choking up, “that I present Mrs. Prada.” 

Anna Wintour Joked About The Devil Wears Prada Last Night