You’ll Get Over the Election in About a Week, Says Out-of-Touch Study

Photo: Keith Bedford/Boston Globe via Getty Images

Maybe Trump winning made you throw up, cry, or some combination of both. But don’t worry too much, according to a study of the last election — in about a week or so, your mood will stabilize.

Highlighted by Tom Jacobs at Pacific Standard and published in the Journal of Experimental Political Science in April, the study followed an average of 210 Republicans and 111 Democrats in the weeks before and after the 2012 election.

The research team, lead by Lamar Pierce of Washington University, asked voters a simple question: “How happy are you today  —  very happy, happy, so-so, unhappy, or very unhappy?”

The Democrats didn’t report feeling much happier after Barack Obama’s victory, the researchers found, while Romney supporters reported 30 to 60 percent drops in happiness after their candidates’ loss. But, Jacobs reports, the Republicans had their well-being return “to its normal level within seven days.” In a span of a week, so the data indicates, they had moved on.

While using a small sample size, it’s a hopeful finding, one that underscores humanity’s incredible ability to bounce back, to embody resilience. But while your mood might improve by Thanksgiving, there is so much work to be done.

You’ll (Maybe) Get Over the Election in About a Week