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How to Tie a Half-Bow With J.Crew Style Hacks

In this week’s installment of J.Crew’s new informative video series, Style Hacks, J.Crew stylists Emily and Jenny take on the task of transitioning from work to holiday party with lessons on tying your belts, scarves, and trenches, in the signature J.Crew half-bow.

For a smooth segue from the office to a holiday party, Jenny and Emily recommend a few easy swaps, citing accessories and makeup as the keys for dressing up a look quickly. A patterned scarf, statement earrings, and heels (all things you can keep in your desk drawer) will liven up a business-casual look fast, while your face requires little more than a clean, red lip to look party-ready.

When it comes to J.Crew’s elusive half-bow, which Halsey, a first-time Style Hacks caller notes is “actually a lot harder than it looks,” Jenny and Emily break it down in four simple steps: First, you have to pull the belt to the side and make one end six inches longer than the other. Next, make a loop as if you’re tying a regular bow. Then, wrap one end around the loop and pull the other end all the way though. All that’s left to adjust is the knot size.

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