Did Julian Assange Put a Necktie on His Cat to Distract From Rape Charges?

Julian Assange has been holed up at the Ecuadorian embassy in London for the past four years, where, at some point, he got a cat. The Wikileaks founder has long been facing the threat of extradition to Sweden over rape charges against him from 2010 — hence why Swedish prosecutors visited him at the embassy on Monday to question him over said charges for several hours. But the big takeaway from that meeting was that … Assange’s cat was wearing a necktie.

A Twitter moment titled “Julian Assange’s cat was dressed to impress on his big day” rounded up photos taken by several onlookers who spotted the embassy cat wearing a red-and-white necktie (which, it should be noted, he or she does not usually wear).

If Assange did in fact dress the cat up himself to take attention away from why prosecutors were visiting him, it was an incredibly silly move — that worked.

Did Assange Put a Tie on His Cat as a Distraction?