Kellyanne Conway Scolded a High-School Student for Asking Her About Donald Trump’s History of Sexual Assault

Kellyanne Conway: master deflector. Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

When Donald Trump’s history of sexual assault first became a major issue on the campaign trail, his then–campaign manager Kellyanne Conway was quick to defend him by accusing anti-Trump lawmakers of making unwanted advances on women, too. “Everybody is running around saying, ‘He’s condoning sexual assault,’” Conway said on MSNBC. “No, he’s not.” Conway hasn’t said much on the subject since, but she was forced to confront the issue again on Wednesday, when a high-school student asked her how she could “rationalize” working for Trump given his record with women.

Conway was reportedly speaking to a group of students in Washington, D.C., whose Advanced Placement government class was attending an event sponsored by the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics. When she opened the floor to questions, a female student who later identified herself as the daughter of David Corn (a liberal writer and Mother Jones’ Washington bureau chief), brought up sexual assault.

Conway was reportedly displeased with the line of questioning.

According to the Hill, she went on to tell the 17-year-old, “Women are tired of the same argument and the same thing you are presenting to me right now.” She went on, “I’m glad that people looked at [those attacks] and said, ‘You know what? That’s an argument that will not create a single job in my community, not bring back a single of the 70,000 factories that have been closed, will not deter one member of ISIS from doing their bloodletting here or anywhere else in the world.’”

The spin master at work.

Kellyanne Conway Scolds Student for Sexual-Assault Question