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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of November 14

Illustration: Jen May

Tonight, there’s a full moon in Taurus. Tonight, the moon moves closer to the earth than it’s been in 70 years. There’s a heaviness that clings to the earth and a heaviness that hangs in the sky. It’s a sorrow and a burden, and there’s no making it smaller. You can take this chance to plant your feet on the ground and roll up your sleeves, ready to love and fight.

Aries: Even now, in this strange moment, there are choices for you to make. Even now, as people and powers try to shrink your vision to nothing, there’s room for refusal. You shouldn’t have to fight for the future like this; you shouldn’t have to fight so hard to hold on to a world full of possibilities. But you do, so how will you listen, and how will you speak?

Taurus: This week is for remembering, for reminding yourself, for doing what you can. When the night is dark or the fog seems impenetrable, there’s still a reason to try. When your words feel too small, you still have your arms. When your arms feel too small, you still have your dreams. Even when you don’t see the results right away, your actions matter.

Cancer: A resolution is something easy to speak and heavy to hold. How, in the days ahead, will you hold it? A commitment to love and truth is easy to feel in your heart, and hard to make solid and real. Even when our desires and energies become most illuminated, the work still remains, and it’s still going to be hard. This week, start gathering fuel.

Gemini: Are you recognizing the evil you see, are you naming it, are you speaking that name out loud? This is a week to focus on telling the truth. You don’t need to scream, if your throat is sore. You can whisper, you can sing, you can write it on paper, but when you see the truth, speak it.

Leo: It’s still worthwhile to fight for safety in a dangerous world. The world is larger than you are, but there are spaces you can hold, and there’s territory you won’t surrender. Think about what this struggle might look like. What shields can you put up around the people you want to protect?

Virgo: In the middle of this pain, your love’s still alive, still tender and strange. Your heart might feel bruised, but it keeps pumping blood. If magic exists, it looks the same as courage. If magic exists, it looks the same as hard work. This week, think about the powers you already have. Think about what they can do, how they can grow. If you can bend small pockets of the world toward rightness on your own, think of what you could do with other people.

Libra: What is the shape of the loss you feel? What is the shape of your sorrow? Try not to forget what this feels like. Try not to let it fade into a hazy memory. Too much pain can dull your emotions, but you’ll need those emotions to keep fighting. You’ll need this pain to remind you that you can still believe in another world. You’ll need to remember what evil looks like, and let no one forget.

Scorpio: Even now, there are stones at the bottom of the river, there is love at the bottom of the world. Groups of birds still cross the sky, and they still know where they’re going. If the first thing to do is to twist out from under this sadness, what will you do after that? You can stretch your legs. You can drink in the clear night air. You can start to move.

Sagittarius: There’s sorrow, this week, but there’s something else, too. There’s sorrow, and also a new kind of clarity, like a sharp taste. You can let the things that don’t matter just fall away. If what matters now is to act bravely, what will you risk? If what matters is to become generous again, what will you give?

Capricorn: When evil orbits this close, it can fill your whole field of vision. When a thousand cruelties buzz and scream through the world, it’s hard to know where to start. There’s so much to be done, but you don’t need to be the one to do it all. You need to do what you can. You can call your neighbor. Meals need to be made, and babies need to be held. If you can’t do it all, you can still speak. If you can’t speak yet, you can still show up.

Aquarius: This week, right now, get clear with yourself: What won’t you accept? What violence will you refuse to live with, and what compromises will you refuse you make? There’s a steadiness in this space. If you know your own demands, if you know your own true limits, you can begin to draw a map. You can see clearer into the future. You can plan how you’ll move from here.

Pisces: First there is heartbreak, and then there are the ways of putting yourself back together. How will you do it this time? Listen: The breaking is important, and so is the mending. There are stitches and plaster and glue; there is a song and a scream rumbling in your chest. If you can feel pain, you’re still alive. You’re still dreaming. You’re still trying. This is what determines how you move after this, how you fight.

Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of November 14