Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of November 21

Illustration: Jen May

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This week, the sun moves into Sagittarius. This can make you feel suddenly small. This can make the world around you feel expansive and new. If you’re aching for a different world, what can you do to bring that world into life? If you’re longing for a different future, how will you make your way there? Let this week change the way you move. Let it change the way you see.

Aries: There’s been a feeling of waking up, maybe, but it won’t be the only one. It’s tempting to hope for one big awakening, but our world’s not that simple. Life isn’t so direct. There’s no point of no return; there’s only the work and the motion. As you travel this path you’ve been dropped on, you’ll keep rounding corners and discovering new dark spaces. You’ll keep discovering new varieties of light, too.

Taurus: These days will call on reserves strength you don’t yet know you have; and reserves of wisdom you haven’t yet seen. Remind yourself, this week: Strength and courage aren’t finite. There is more in the world than what we can already see. There is more in our bodies than we already know. We can keep getting stronger. We can build our own courage.

Gemini: There is a faraway future, and there’s the future right in front of your eyes. It’s easy to get lost in the wild and branching paths of what might someday exist, but you don’t have to expect yourself to see that far today. In front of you now are plants that need watering. In front of you now are truths that need to be spoken and hands that need to be held. There is good you can do right here. There are dangers that you can face.

Cancer: This week, right now, you’ll have the chance to be braver than you’ve ever been. You don’t have to wait for the right shining moment, you don’t have to wait for the one big crack of thunder. The world doesn’t need you to sail into the storm alone or fly to the moon. It needs you to act with kindness, with honor, with a courage that’s steady and bright.

Leo: What will you do this week if you can’t summon magic? What will you do if you can’t dream your nightmares away? What will you do if you can’t do everything that needs to be done? Your eyes can see farther than your feet can travel; you don’t need to demand the impossible from yourself. You don’t need to fix everything that’s ever happened. Just remember that you still have choices.

Virgo: There’s a sorrow in this darkened world, but there’s a joy in it too. There’s joy in claiming your life for yourself, and holding space for others to do the same. There’s joy in caring for other people, and in nurturing a bright, defiant love for this world. These things aren’t easy, and they aren’t enough to save the world from all evil, but when this week seems too hard to bear, remember the joy that is still here.

Libra: If getting out of bed feels like an act of unbelievable strength, and you’ve been getting out of bed each morning, then what else might you have the strength to do? If living in this world feels like more than you can bear, but you’re still alive, what else might you be able to do? Don’t underestimate your own power and light this week. Don’t let your strength get lost inside all this sadness.

Scorpio: What would the world sound like if you listened to voices quieter than your own, voices stranger than your own? And if you amplified these voices, then what sounds would fill the air? What dreams could awaken? There’s nothing wrong with loudness, but don’t let the noise stop you from listening. Don’t let it flatten the way you see the world.

Sagittarius: Sometimes, it’s easier to face danger than sorrow. Sometimes, it’s easier to face sorrow than the small steady inconveniences that come with acting bravely. This week, think of how you can commit not just to facing the danger and the sorrow, but the inconveniences, too. This week, think of the ways that courage can reshape not just your life, but your days and your hours. If you’re really ready, there’s nothing that you can’t do.

Capricorn: When the world calls on you to turn your back on evil, there are so many different ways to respond. Sometimes, it’s an act of resistance just to see the world clearly. Sometimes, it’s an act of resistance to refuse to believe a lie. There are small acts and large ones; what’s important is that you do something. Don’t let the immensity of the night stop you from doing the things that you can.

Aquarius: It isn’t corny to feel tenderness for this world. It’s not embarrassing to have a heart so full. This week, let your fear fill your body, and let love fill it too. This is what it is to be a person, and there’s no way around it. If you’re filled with anger, this week, how will you let that heat guide you? If you’re filled with love, how will it move you to act? You don’t have to outsmart your feelings or your body.

Pisces: The world would have you believe that the only worthwhile thing is winning, being proven right. This week, remember that there’s value too just in standing up. There’s value in growing, in learning, in seeing the world more clearly than you have before. We shouldn’t have to live in a world this dark, but if we’re here already, then look for the brightness in these days. Look for new clarity about the dangers we face, and look for the new ways forward from here. 

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of November 21