Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of November 28

Illustration: Jen May

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Tomorrow is a new moon in Sagittarius. With the sun and the moon both in Sagittarius, think: How can you broaden the way you see, and how can you expand the ways you feel? We’re living in strange days, and moving into stranger ones still. Hold this moment, and look forward from here.

Aries: Remind yourself, this week: Nothing appears fully formed out of nowhere. The world gains its shape over time, and so do we. You are who you are because of the words you’ve spoken and the words you’ve heard. Trees have root systems deeper than what we can see; think, this week, about the foundations you’re building for yourself. The small things you do will become part of your root system.

Taurus: There are lies that shout and lies that sing, and the truth can begin to look hazy, look ugly, it can start to seem like trouble. It really is strange how hard it can be to escape being lied to. To hold on to the truth in days like these is work more difficult than it seems. There’s a truth that you know, and it’s your job this week to remember it, and not let it go.

Gemini: You’re right in the middle of so much motion, so much action. You’re right in the middle of whistling winds, a moonless night. There’s so much to do right where you stand, at the center of these wild forces, but first, keep the fire inside you alive. There are nights that get colder, there is darkness that grows deeper, but still there’s your fire. A brightness inside yourself that’s worth protecting — this is important work, too.

Cancer: You don’t have to operate every moment of every day at full power, full speed, full intensity. You don’t have to destroy yourself out of love for the world. You’re not a machine, and you’re not a magician; you’re a person who’s trying as hard as you can. The planet’s still spinning, and the trees and the birds are preparing for winter. What will you do to sustain this fierce love for the world? This week, think about how to give without losing yourself.

Leo: Life holds space for near-infinite change, some of it harsh and some of it sweet. The whole wide earth is made of change, but you don’t need to accept all of it as natural and right. There is no amount of cruelty that needs to become normal. Even when the world moves quickly around you, you still have time to resist. The world belongs to you as much as it belongs to anyone — what goodness will you fight for?

Virgo: Some days your vision feels clear, and some days your vision feels clouded. Some days the world shrinks and fades into something legible, and some days the world roars up with all the force of a nightmare. It’s helpful, sometimes, to remember how much uncertainty lies ahead. You can’t escape this confusion, but you can find a way toward balance even now.

Libra: This week, remind yourself that the world’s already shaken. There is no hiding. There’s enough sorrow in this thought to fill the world’s oceans, but there’s still room to grow and room to try. You have the same bright mind you had yesterday, the same gentleness, the same fire. What will you do with your wild imagination now? There’s still work here for you, if you want it.

Scorpio: This is a week for putting aside what grievances and what sorrows you can. There is emotional work you can pick back up later; you don’t need to hold it all now. This week, hold on only to the rage that powers you, the sorrow that burns bright enough to light the way forward. You don’t need to forgive what you choose not to forgive, but today there are other dangers.

Sagittarius: Sometimes, its feels safest to retreat to familiar ground, after stepping into a new space. This week, try to see what happens if you keep moving forward through your fear. The world needs your power so much; it’s important you know the extent of what you can do. There are faraway worlds worth traveling to, and roads worth following to the end. There are risks in this world very much worth taking.

Capricorn: In the moments of calm, in the moments of quiet, what do you see? Even now, there are glimmers of clarity, glimmers of a future beyond what you can yet imagine. More than fear, more than despair, let these brief golden moments guide you. Watch as they flare up in the dark night. If you pay attention long enough, they can light a path that is true.

Aquarius: This week, you might feel a new focus, a new drive, something warm and bright in your blood. The world is not the same as it was yesterday. Different challenges demand different kinds of struggle. If there’s something new brewing in your head, pay attention to it. What new form might your energy take? What new love might begin to move you?

Pisces: You don’t need to see into the future, but you do need to start to plan how you’ll keep moving. How can you keep moving forward while you’re still on the ground, living a human life? It’s a weird kind of balance, a weird kind of dance, to keep living your small daily life, while you’re striving and shouting and making noise. It isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. The world asks so much of you, but even now it has things to give.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of November 28