Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of November 7

Illustration: Jen May

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Tomorrow, Mars moves into Aquarius, and your energy can glow and spread and shine, like light refracted through a prism. Think of this light as a charm to ward off weariness and protect you from fear. Tomorrow, what will the world look like? What brave path will you carve through its strange terrain?

Aries: It might not feel this way yet, but your heart can grow full again, and your dreams can turn tender. This week, remember what you’ve lost, and what you’re missing still. Making a wounded heart full again is not an easy thing. This week, you can start.

Taurus: If you really open your eyes, you can see further than today and further even than tomorrow. Time in the short term is limited, but the future stretches so far out. What happens inside you when you gaze across the ocean? If you had all the time you needed, what course would you set? If you started moving right now, how far could you travel?

Gemini: It’s easy, when the world goes strange, to focus on some weird imagined lack: You can’t lift whole buildings or dig to the earth’s hot core. But these aren’t the things you have to do. A human body is a fragile thing, but it holds a bright electric magic. There are words only you can speak, and visions only you can see. Focus, this week, on what you are here to do.

Cancer: This is not the way the world has always been, and it’s not the way it’ll be forever. There are times of lack and times of plenty, times of fear and times of sweetness. There’s no bad thing that can last forever, and no unkindness that is natural law. Still, it takes courage to live in a world so changeable. When the world changes with the wind or the tides, how will you hold onto your bravery?

Leo: It can feel, sometimes, like there’s no time for being wrong, like this bright world is too important, too fragile to withstand even one mistake. But the world is older than you are, and it’s messier, too. Grant yourself your own messiness. Grant other people their inscrutable weirdness. You can demand, from yourself and from others, the things you need. Just stay open to the possibility that your needs are stranger than they seem on the surface.

Virgo: Keep your eyes open when you’re out in the world this week. There are moments of goodness you’ll want to hold on to — so many warm glances that pass between people, so many sudden words that can surprise even the speaker with their sweetness. There are dogs and there are trees and there are meals shared in a yellow kitchen. Kindness like this won’t save the world, but you deserve it anyway.

Libra: When the world feels most cruel, when the skies are most gray, what will you do to reassert yourself? Fear can have its uses, but it isn’t a home any human can live in. There can be kindness in shadow, and there can be kindness in sunlight, too. There is safety from danger, but you can also work toward something different.

Scorpio: This is a week to let your love stretch and drift and raise its voice a little. Love isn’t as soft as we pretend. Let yours grow — what can it show you? What can it build? There are unknown caverns deep in the earth, and there are people who can still surprise you. There are feelings that are brighter and wilder and stronger than happiness.

Sagittarius: The world wasn’t made for you to live in alone, and this is a week to think about what this means. There are so many faces with so many emotions written on them. There are so many kinds of weather. There is loneliness in a life with other people, but there’s joy, too. Other people have their own minds, their own needs, their own lives, and still you need them. Still they need you. How will you let this unknowable wildness make you generous?

Capricorn: It’s a good and brave thing to seek out answers, but those answers don’t tend to be easy to understand. This is a week for turning away from false simplicity. It’s a week for resisting a desire to classify and name all the world’s weirdest mysteries. Some riddles don’t have clear answers, and some don’t give up their secrets at all, but still they have treasures to share.

Aquarius: Some memories stay with you like a shadow, some like a ghost, some like a song. This is a week to look at your scars and remember your dreams. It isn’t bad to feel marked by the past. This is what it is to be a person. What do you carry with you? What has stayed? You don’t need to outrun your memory. There’s always a way to honor your layers.

Pisces: If you imagine that the world will end someday, what songs will you sing today, and which will you sing tomorrow? You don’t need to do everything to do what you can. Between the place where you stand and the edge of the sea, there’s enough room to move. There’s enough room to stretch your limbs and run. Time doesn’t need to be infinite to be enough. 

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of November 7