Madeleine Albright Says Trump’s Win Shows ‘Things Have Gone Backwards’

Madeleine Albright. Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Former secretary of State Madeleine Albright believes that the United States has gone backwards, culturally, with the recent presidential election — and she’s “very sad” about it.

Albright opened up about her disappointment not only with the election’s results, but also with Donald Trump’s campaign, in a new interview with The Guardian. She said that in “some ways,” the campaign’s rhetoric signified a major step back for the country. Albright also expressed her sadness over the way women, in particular, have been treated:

“I am very sad about the way women have been treated during this campaign. That’s brought out some things that are very troubling. And I thought that we had moved beyond that.”

Albright spent the recent campaign season tirelessly campaigning for Hillary Clinton, who she says would have “been a remarkable president, better prepared than anybody, ever.” Albright told The Guardian she hopes that once Trump is “better informed, he will have a different view,” especially in terms of foreign policy and cultural progress.

She added that Americans who voted for Trump may soon end up second- guessing their decision. “I was in England shortly after Brexit [the vote for Britain to leave the European Union] and the people were very surprised at what they had done,” she said.

Madeleine Albright Is ‘Very Sad’ About the Election