Marc Jacobs’s Extravagant ’80s Disco Had the Best-Dressed Crowd

Photo: BFA; Getty

After showing a resort collection filled with throwback ’80s references (including giant MTV sweaters), it only seemed fitting that Marc Jacobs celebrate with an extravagant last-days-of-disco dance party. The Studio 54–themed bash, coincidentally located at a nightclub at 54 North 11th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, offered the following as dress code:

Glamorous Dress Code Door Policy: Chic ’80s with voluminous proportions. Think Gloria von Thurn und Taxis at Le Cirque with Stephanie & Caroline of Monaco. Success, fame, and glamour. Punk princess with chiseled cheekbones and exaggerated brows, make Blondie and Brooke Shields proud. Mousse those tresses and tousle them high for a statement hairdo with pumped-up volume. Vertiginous pumps like you’re sitting pretty for your Andy portrait. A decorative frenzy in electric paradise; more is more. No poseurs and definitely no preppys. Be the life of the party, and remember, girls (and boys) just wanna have fun!

The result? The decade’s most over-the-top looks as interpreted by a group of models, celebs, and club kids who were mostly too young to remember its heyday (if they were even alive back then.) Some went the Miami Vice route in oversize suits and T-shirts. There were throwback Adidas tracksuits, worn with bucket hats Run-DMC style. And naturally, models like Hanne Gaby Odiele and Sarah Abney went for sculpted cheekbones and bright eye shadow.

Click ahead to see the best looks from last night’s debauchery, including Teddy Quinlivan’s heart pasties, Fernanda Ly’s pink faux mohawk and the glittery body-painted women who served as door greeters.

Marc Jacobs’s ’80s Disco Had the Best-Dressed Crowd