At Last Night’s Protest, Women Talked About How to Move Forward

Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev

The stages of grief were on full display last night in Manhattan as protesters gathered on in the spitting rain outside Trump International Hotel to pause, reflect, cry, and process what many in the crowd described as shock and fear.

Gone were the celebratory pantsuits of Tuesday night, and instead the diverse crowd was dressed all in black, somberly chanting to a slow drum beat: “Not my president.”

“Everything he stands against is everything I am,” said Maya Kamara, a 20-year-old first-generation American. “I am a woman, I am black, and just being in a country that doesn’t want me is really hard.”

Organized in part by the 100 women of color who wrote an open letter to the United States, the group marched down Broadway toward Union Square, where it met up with a set of much angrier protesters. The whole crowd moved north through Times Square, momentarily parting the crowds.

Eventually they joined similarly vociferous gatherings outside of Trump Tower in Manhattan, where the second stage of grief, anger, continued through the night, in full cathartic effect. We spoke with New Yorkers about what they feeling and what they are planning to do now.

Women at Last Night’s Protests on What Comes Next