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Rachel Bloom Trips Out, Becomes a Heart-Eating Dinosaur in This Clip From Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Photo: YouTube/The CW/Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Just as folks at Woodstock were warned away from the brown acid, so too should the attendees of Electric Mesa have steered clear of the latest cool new hallucinogen, Triceratops. On last night’s episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) and Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz) had already chugged two glasses of the stuff before they found out the hard way that their tasty beverages were minutes away from making them trip balls.

And trip balls they did! Valencia had an elegant nightmare about murdering Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III) during a beautiful ballet, but Rebecca’s was actually even more terrifying as she went all Khaleesi on her ex’s still-beating heart. While dressed as a Triceratops.

Rachel Bloom Becomes a Heart-Eating Dinosaur in This Clip