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Samantha Bee on a Hillary Clinton Presidency: It’ll Be a ‘Tsunami of Misogyny’

Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images for The Women’s Media Center

Continuing her recent tradition of hitting the proverbial nail on the head when it comes to this election cycle, Sam Bee kept the knowledge coming at tonight’s Fast Company Innovation Festival. Bee, sitting on a panel for the festival, participated in a wide-ranging discussion that centered on the election — as everything does these days — though it also touched on her show’s diverse staff and her own leadership skills. (As for said election, Bee expressed her delight in being onstage, as it gave her “37 minutes with which to not check FiveThirtyEight constantly.”) She also addressed that recent, great “Donald Trump can’t read” piece from Full Frontal, saying, “It’s not his tiny hands, it’s that he has a learning disability that has gone unaddressed and he lives with the shame of that.”

The best and most pointed part of the panel, however, was when Bee was asked whether or not a Hillary Clinton presidency would be good for women. “I think it will amplify misogyny to a degree that has just never before been seen,” Bee said. “That will be rich territory for us to mine on the show and that is the only upside to it for me because I’m very fearful about it.” Referring to the first black president, she said, “I mean certainly the problem of racism was solved by Barack Obama.” As the audience laughed, she summed up: “It’s going to be a tsunami of misogyny.” In short: No, not good for women, really.

Sam Bee: We’re Headed for ‘Tsunami of Misogyny’