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Science Says Exercise Helps Treat and Prevent Depression

Photo: Getty Images

Three new scientific studies that would earn the Elle Woods seal of approval prove that exercise gives you endorphins, and that endorphins make you happy. The New York Times reports that scientists found additional promising connections between exercise and its ability to prevent and treat depression.

These three studies pooled results from previously smaller studies to survey over 1 million men and women. Among its discoveries were that “exercise significantly reduced various markers of inflammation and increased levels of a number of different hormones and other biochemicals that are thought to contribute to brain health.” Dr. Felipe Barreto Schuch, an exercise scientist and primary author of the review simply encourages “anyone feeling overwhelmed by recent events, or just by life, to go for a run or a bike ride. People need to be active to improve their mental health.” It may not feel great the entire time (and might be a little more difficult with ClassPass’s demise), but it will make you feel better than constantly reading the news.

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