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New York Magazine’s Sex Lives Podcast: Gay Son of a Preacher Man

Christopher Trout. Photo: Ilana Millner/Ilana Millner

Who’s coming to Thanksgiving? For Engadget executive editor and Computer Love columnist Christopher Trout, the list includes the following: his father, a preacher from rural Texas; his boyfriend, a cop he met on Grindr; his baby mama, a ciswoman to whom he donated sperm; his baby papa, a transman with whom he once hooked up; and his mom. Before heading down to Texas, Trout visited Sex Lives to discuss family, fertility, why discovering his sexuality meant losing his faith, and how he found peace inside a porn star’s anus. With Maureen O’Connor. Leave a voice-mail for Sex Lives by calling 646-494-3590.

Sex Lives Podcast: Gay Son of a Preacher Man