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The Woman Who Once Ran the Met Gala Has Been Hired to Plan the Trump Inauguration

Melania and Donald Trump with Stephanie Winston Wolkoff in 2011.

The woman who famously cooed “No money, no come-y,” into the phone to a potential Met Gala guest is now making a hairpin turn into politics.
Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, who was tasked with planning the Met Gala for over a decade, is going to be working on the Trump inauguration, according to a “Page Six” report.

The news comes as Donald Trump is in the midst of making some controversial cabinet appointments, and since Winston Wolkoff is a friend of Melania Trump’s, this is the closest the future First Lady will probably come to a cabinet appointment of her own.

Winston Wolkoff — who left Vogue in 2009 to run the Lincoln Center arm of New York Fashion Week, and subsequently founded her own creative agency — is now advising inaugural committee chair Tom Barrack, per the report. Considering how The First Monday in May made it look, planning the inauguration may be less of a challenge than getting a bunch of celebrities to stay off their cell phones.

Met Gala’s Former Event Planner Hired for the Inauguration