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Female Students Are Covering Their High-School Bathrooms With Post-it Notes of Support

The walls of the busy Union Square subway station in New York City became covered in Post-it notes on Wednesday evening. New Yorkers — who overwhelming voted for Hillary Clinton — wrote empowering messages of support to one another, after a man who ran a campaign marked by misogyny and racism was elected as president.

Since images of the subway walls went viral, female high-school students across the country have started to follow suit. The young women are writing supportive messages to their classmates on Post-it notes that they’ve been sticking to their mirrors of their school bathroom.

The messages include “Girl power,” “You are beautiful,” and other endearing phrases, written with the goal of uplifting others. It’s a touching show of unity among young women in a scary and uncertain time.

Students Cover Their High-School Bathroom With Post-it Notes