The Election Is Making Women Feel Significantly Worse About Their Career Prospects

Photo: Karin Smeds/Folio Images/Getty Images

There’s no doubt that the election has taken an emotional toll on women in their private lives, but it’s also making women reconsider their optimism about career advancement. How did Hillary Clinton losing the presidency make women feel about their own chances at being leaders some day? Not great.

A survey sent out by InHerSight, a career website where women and men can anonymously rate their employers on issues related to women’s advancement, found that of the 750 professional women who responded, a whopping 76 percent of women feel worse about their potential for advancement since the election results came in on Wednesday.

Photo: Courtesy of InHerSight

Women added their anonymous comments to the survey, and one pointed out that though she is a white woman, she “would say the prospects for minorities [are] ‘significantly worse.’” While another woman wrote, “Living and trying to build a career as a woman in a nation who accepted demeaning speech against women as okay enough to elect a candidate seems like a major support of such behavior. If the president can do it, it sets the tone for the nation.”

Maybe that women and allies strike against Trump is more necessary than we thought.

The Election Made Women Question Their Career Advancement