TMZ and Fox News Team Up for the Worst Trump Special Imaginable

Harvey Levin, Donald Trump. Photo: Getty Images

Fox News announced this morning that on Friday it will air a special called OBJECTified, featuring President-elect Donald Trump and TMZ founder Harvey Levin. Will this be a hard-hitting look at Trump’s alleged history of sexual assault and TMZ’s reported culture of sexual harassment in the workplace? Haha, no. According to Fox, the program will be hosted by Levin and feature an interview with Trump “as he showcases the objects in his home and offers the stories behind each memento.”

The special was reportedly taped in September. According to Politico’s Hadas Gold, Levin’s involvement could signal that TMZ is interested in covering more politics. “For years, questions have swirled over whether and how TMZ would ever transfer its style to the Hollywood of politics to Washington D.C.,” she wrote this morning. “Though no official expansion has ever been announced, and the company declined several requests for interviews and questions about this topic earlier this year, this special may be the first step in that direction.”

Congratulations to Fox News for offering Levin a chance to expand his controversial empire and Trump a prime-time opportunity to literally show off his gold. The special airs Friday at 10 p.m.

TMZ and Fox News Team Up for Worst Trump Special Imaginable