Melania Trump Once Pretended to Be the First Female President of the United States

Talk about irony. Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Before she ever met Donald, Melania Trump had presidential aspirations. In 1993, Trump — then known as Melanija Knavs — filmed an ad for a Slovenian clothing company in which she played the first female president of the United States. The then-23-year-old model was filmed disembarking from an airplane, waving to adoring fans (who were actually losing it for John F. Kennedy), and signing official documents at a wood-paneled desk in front of the symbol for the European Union.

The New York Times mentioned the ad in a July profile of Melania, but Univision managed to dig up the actual footage, and boy, is it something:

Natalija Gorscak, director of Slovenian National Television, told Univision that André Kochak — the ad’s director — “always had such different ideas; he was a punk music lover.” She added that the document Melania signs in the end of the ad is of special significance: “In the document she is approving three people to cross the border between two countries. It’s an immigration document.”

Watch Melania Trump Pretend to Be the First Female President