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Naomi Campbell Applying Makeup Is Performance Art

Pat McGrath Metalmorphosis 005

It’s time. Pat McGrath’s gilded Metalmorphosis 005, arguably one of the most hotly anticipated beauty launches of the season, goes on sale today. To celebrate the occasion McGrath Labs teamed up with Naomi Campbell, who in the product’s promotional video, artfully makes up her face and at times, delicately strokes her own hair. (By the way, she’s 46 and you can truly eat your heart out.)

Much like the limited release Gold 001, Metalmorphosis is a sequin-infused kit equipped with all of the components needed for glittery eyelids. There’s the cream base, which may be used alone, or, for an intense sparkle, layered under the kit’s metallic pigment swirled with the included “mixing medium” (which is essentially water and preservatives). Available in shades of bronze, silver, gold, and copper, the kits are armed with a dual-sided felt-tipped eyeliner as well. For a bold, winged fleck, trace the outline of eyes with the wedged end, or for a thinner, tighter line, flip the marker and use its precise tip instead.

Available now but likely to sell out, you can choose from the $60 Metalmorphosis 005 kits that feature just one metallic shade, or the comprehensive “Everything Kit” that includes all four hues for $165. Just make sure to watch the video, for the obvious reasons.

Watch Naomi Campbell Apply Makeup and Stroke Her Hair