Megyn Kelly Reacts to Donald Trump Winning the Election

Megyn Kelly. Photo: Andrew Toth/Getty Images

Megyn Kelly co-hosted Live With Kelly on Wednesday morning, just hours after Donald Trump was unexpectedly declared the winner of the presidential election.

The Fox News anchor revealed that she’s never seen a result “this shocking” during her career as a journalist. “I’ve never seen anything like this and I don’t think we’re ever going to see anything like this in our lifetimes,” Kelly said, per CNN Money. “I think you’ll never have a result this shocking, where people got it this shockingly wrong.”

Kelly, who has been covering elections for Fox News since 2006, became a target of Trump’s misogyny during the contentious campaign, with the candidate saying that Kelly had “blood coming out of her wherever” at the first GOP debate. Trump also retweeted a comment that Kelly is a “bimbo,” which prompted Fox News’ then-chairman Roger Ailes to condemn the candidate’s “verbal assaults” against her. Ailes was fired from his position at Fox News over the summer after several women at the network accused him of sexual harassment, and Kelly has since accused Ailes of harassment, as well.

When asked by Live host Kelly Ripa why the pollsters were so wrong about the election — which many people predicted would end in a Hillary Clinton presidency — the Fox News anchor explained that there was a hidden Trump vote:

“Some people felt stigmatized about voting for Donald Trump and didn’t want to tell the pollsters who they were voting for but they did want to go into the polling booth and do what they felt was right. It was a resounding victory, there’s no question about it.”

Despite the upset, however, Kelly called for unity and urged those fearing the impending Trump presidency to “keep an open mind.” She said, “My philosophy in hard times or anytime you feel sort of blue or threatened or scared is remember who you are. What happens in the White House does not affect who you are, who your children are, what’s most important to you in your life.”

What Megyn Kelly Said About Donald Trump’s Election Win