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Other Than Marc Jacobs, Where Can a Girl Buy a Safety Pin in Trump’s America?

A safety pin on the Versace runway. Photo: Estrop/Getty Images

It has recently come to our attention that safety pins, the accoutrement of the moment and a symbol of solidarity with marginalized groups, can be found for less than $1,000. And sometimes, they even come not attached to Gucci sneakers. You just have to know where to look.

One top stylist we consulted suggested an insider tip: “a little place called Duane Reade.” Consider us schooled. We did some digging and found a few other under-the-radar spots you can get your own. But buyer beware: These won’t come embellished with pavé diamonds, unfortunately. Once you’ve selected your favorite, you can feel free to give the $999.90 you saved to one of these places.

Photo: ? Turkiye/Getty Images

$0, the floor.

Photo: Ellen Denuto/Getty Images

At your trusty local dry cleaners, $0.

Photo: Gregor Hohenberg/Getty Images/fStop

Rolling around in the bottom of your purse, $0.

Besides Gucci, Where to Get Safety Pins in Trump’s America