Bana Alabed Opens Up About the Night Her Aleppo House Was Bombed, in New Interview

Bana Alabed. Photo: Courtesy of BBC

Bana Alabed, 7, became a symbol of the devastation in Syria this fall, as she live-tweeted her experience living amidst air strikes in East Aleppo. Now that Alabed and her mother have safely evacuated from the war-torn region, the little girl sat down with the BBC for an interview.

In a clip of the interview posted online, the BBC’s Orla Guerin asked Alabed to describe the night her house was bombed. The young Syrian girl gave a heartbreaking response, talking of the fear she felt and of nearly dying from the heavy smoke and rubble that followed the bomb:

“We were very scared. We used to play in the house which was suddenly bombed. We were really scared, we changed location, went to the basement, we suffocated because of the heavy smoke from the rubble. When our house was bombed, we managed to escape from under the rubble safely but we nearly died, we had to face falling rocks and heavy suffocating smoke.”
Bana Alabed Opens Up About the Night Her House Was Bombed