This Bodega Lets You Order Plan B on Seamless

Plan B. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

One of the most beautiful things about living in New York is the ability to get nearly anything delivered to your door whenever you want — including, it turns out, the Plan B pill.

On Wednesday, Redditors pointed out that the Corner Grocery, a bodega on the Lower East Side, sells the Plan B One-Step emergency-contraceptive pill on Seamless. When contacted, someone at the store told the Cut that they made it available on Seamless over six months ago. The item description reads “Emergency Contraceptive Reduces Chance of Pregnancy after Unprotected Sex - Not for Regular Birth Control.”

As of 2013, the average cost of Plan B One-Step was $48 — so at $76.99, the Corner Grocery price is quite a markup. But, should you opt for the convenience, it’s just as easy to order the next morning as your bacon-egg-and-cheese and Gatorade.

This Bodega Lets You Order Plan B on Seamless