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Chelsea Handler Reveals How She’s Been Processing the Thought of a Donald Trump Presidency

Chelsea Handler.

Chelsea Handler has been — like millions of voters nationwide — having some difficulty processing the fact that Donald Trump won the presidency. The outspoken host known for her sharp tongue admitted to People magazine that she’s “bummed” about Trump winning and that “twenty times a day [she’s] like, ‘How is this a reality? How did this happen?’”

Working on the Wednesday after the election (when her show on Netflix usually airs) was also particularly difficult for the talk-show host, she shared in a video interview with People. In fact, she was tempted not to go on air at all and considered flying off, perhaps never working again. She says, “I just thought, ‘I do have a house in Spain. I can go wherever the hell I want! I don’t ever have to work again.’” But her co-workers reminded Handler of the distinct voice she has in the public. So she stayed and did the show. And looking back, she says thinking like that was “selfish,” considering the disadvantages other people face. As for her audience, she wants them to know that she’s on their side. “The good message is, we’re going to fight even harder,” she said. “And that’s all I’ve got for you, because it’s rough.”

Chelsea Handler on How She’s Been Processing Trump’s Win