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Debi Mazar Plucked Madonna’s Eyebrows and Gave Her Eyeliner

Photo: Monica Schipper/WireImage

A whole host of Madonna’s coolest girlfriends showed up at the Billboard Women in Music Awards to support their pal, including actress Debi Mazar. The actress became friends with Madonna when they were both hanging out at Danceteria; after a chance meeting, Madonna enlisted Mazar to do the hair and makeup for her very first music video, “Everybody.”

Madonna has reinvented herself countless times over the years, starting with her first music video. “When we met, she kind of looked like a punk rock midwestern girl. I plucked her eyebrows a little bit and gave her eyeliner,” Mazar recalled. “That was one of my favorite reincarnations, because I kind of gave her this look, and I thought she looked really glamorous … I have to say, I like her a lot when she had super white blonde hair, and she would wear trench coats and red lipstick and very little makeup. I like her more natural.”

Of course, Mazar digs her friend’s look no matter which Madonna is currently taking center stage. “I don’t follow what she does in terms of what her thing is,” Mazar said. “I just think she’s great, whatever she does, and I just love her. However she looks, whatever. For me, I just like her really natural and I love how her current makeup artist is doing. I think he’s amazing. He gives her really great cat eyes.”

Mazar also offered an update on what a night out with Madonna is like these days, and it’s a far cry from their wild times at Danceteria. Mazar said, “Dinner. A movie. Like, an average girlfriend hangout. Not that exciting, but you know, just nice and chill.”

Reporting by Hilary Sheinbaum.

Debi Mazar Plucked Madonna’s Eyebrows and Gave Her Eyeliner