Why Buy an $85 Leather Rock Pouch When You Could Buy Rocks From This 7-Year-Old Instead?

Earlier this week, we told you about an $85 rock in a leather pouch being sold at Nordstrom that would make a great gift for the aesthetically minded doomsday prepper in your life (and truly nobody else). But if you don’t have $85 to burn and still appreciate rocks and minerals, good news: There is an affordable solution for your Christmas shopping woes.

Photo: John Geraci

Yesterday, I got a note from Emmet, a 7-year-old Brooklyn-based entrepreneur with a burgeoning rock-sales business at very affordable prices. For just $4 you can buy a range of beautiful colored rocks, including (according to Emmet’s official inventory) “a green one that has a bit of orange on the side and a few holes that look cool,” “a purplish whitish one that’s in the shape of an alien head,” and the most enticing one, which he described as being “black, sort of veiny, you can’t see through it, also there are a few spots that I’m seeing through right now and if you cut that one open I think it would turn brownish, not like a geode, and it actually might be a geode, I’m not 99 percent, probably 20 percent on that.”

Photo: John Geraci

According to his dad, John, Emmet has always had rock collections, which he either buys from stores or finds on the beach. On his first day in the rock business, he sold $15 worth of goods. “He’s a natural salesman,” his dad tells me.

To purchase a rock — or a geode, for the high rollers — you can email Emmet at emmetgeraci@gmail.com, which his dad manages. Support small businesses (and small-business owners) today.

Don’t Buy an $85 Leather Rock Pouch, Buy These Rocks Instead