Elizabeth Warren Literally Rolled Her Eyes at the Idea That Steve Bannon’s Not a White Supremacist

Elizabeth Warren and Anderson Cooper faced off on CNN. Photo: Getty Images

Almost as soon as Donald Trump was named president-elect, Elizabeth Warren appeared on MSNBC to say she would “stand up and fight back” against a Trump administration. Since then she’s vocally opposed Trump’s pick for chief strategist, Steve Bannon, calling him a “bigot” and a “white supremacist.” “This is a man who says, by his very presence, that this is a White House that will embrace bigotry,” she said of Bannon’s appointment.

But on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday night, Warren’s claim that Bannon is a white supremacist was checked by Cooper, who said there’s no actual evidence to support it. “Obviously, there are people who are white supremacists who support Donald Trump and support Breitbart or Steve Bannon,” Cooper allowed. “I don’t know that you can say, though, that he’s a white supremacist.”

In response, Warren unleashed an expert eye roll and even laughed a little bit before saying, “Come on.” “Steve Bannon has certainly associated himself with white supremacists,” she said. “Will you go that far? This is a guy whose appointment is applauded by the KKK.” But, you know, technicalities.

Elizabeth Warren: Yes, Steve Bannon’s a White Supremacist