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Former State Representative John Anthony Fired From Fancy Government Job for Groping Women at a Holiday Party

Photo: Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

Former Illinois state representative John Anthony was fired Friday from his job at the Illinois Department of Corrections after numerous women reported being groped and harassed by him at a Christmas party. He was the executive assistant to the director of the organization and made approximately $120,000 a year.

One instance of Anthony’s inappropriate behavior, which ranged from unwanted comments to touching and even grinding on people on the dance floor, was caught on a surveillance video. The video was obtained by the Chicago Sun Times under the Freedom of Information Act and is available online. According to the report, “He pressed himself onto [the woman’s] left thigh and licked her neck.”

Catherine Kelly, the spokeswoman for ‎Illinois Office of the Governor, said, “Our administration does not tolerate this type of behavior. The Department of Corrections did the right thing by taking immediate action.”

Ex-State Rep Fired From Fancy Govt Job for Groping Women