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Glossier Opens Its First Store, Colorful Champagne Glasses, and a High-End Dog Emporium

Wolf & Badger.

First Look
In late February, London-based Wolf & Badger (95 Grand St.) will open with red smoking jackets and illustrated dinner plates, all by independent designers.

1. Womenswear: Hebe Studio red smoking jackets ($409) and Florence Bridge “Serena” scarves ($186).

2. Event space: Meet-the-maker nights with free drinks and custom-made jewelry by designers visiting from around the world.

3. Jewelry: Ekria rose-gold rings ($198) and Astrid & Miyu bangles ($78).

4. Menswear: Bravur watches with green straps ($692) and Rubirosa shoes in blue suede and patent leather ($381).

5. Home goods: Fifi + Pascale’s dachshund diptych ($40) and Jimbob Art’s badger with a boom-box dinner plate ($33).

2x2: Colorful Champagne Glasses
To a brighter New Year.

: Moser Pebbles, $125 at
Coupe: Waterford Mixology, $350 for four at

: Sagaform Spectra, $24 for two at
Coupe: Rosy-cheeked, $68 for two at

Ask a Shop Clerk
Emily Weiss opens Glossier’s first store on the top floor of Glossier HQ (123 Lafayette St.).

Photo: Joel Barhamand/Joel Barhamand 2016

What’s it like inviting everyone into your office?
“Our showroom editors greet you in the lobby in their Glossier-pink jumpsuits. We found the staff on Instagram; they’re dancers, students, and fans who just want to spread the gospel. Usually, retailers pack products wall-to-wall, but each of ours, from Boy Brow ($16) to Balm Dotcom ($12), has its own station. We’re going for a fun, chill vibe in a loft space.”

Side by Side
Two neighboring Williamsburg jewelry boutiques — one for modern chains, one for piercings.

Photo: Dustin Aksland/Dustin Aksland

Quiet Storms
142 Grand St.

Backstory: Reshma Patel wanted a shop for the Germany- and L.A.-based designers she used to find only online.

Vibe: A banana tree grazes the ceiling by the entrance, and the modern jewelry is set out on marble slabs.

Wares: Gold chains by Kathleen Whitaker ($630); glass rings by glassblower Jane D’Arensbourg ($120).

Iris Piercing Studio
238 Metropolitan Ave.

Backstory: Jesse Dobbs started piercing 16 years ago and opened his first studio in Salt Lake City.

Vibe: Glass cases with piercing-specific jewelry, from rook earrings to beyond-the-silver-ball nose rings.

Wares: Partnerships with designers like Pupil Hall for new-piercing-friendly sapphire earrings ($180).

Andrés Modak opens Whitespace (appointments at, a shop in the Flatiron for his online home-goods line Snowe.

“For our first space we thought, Let’s just make our home shoppable. My co-founder and I are a couple, and the store is attached to our apartment. We’ll invite people for events so you can drink out of our red-wine glasses ($15) while shopping for cashmere throws ($248). We’ll have dinner parties with up-and-coming chefs so you can eat with our flatware ($152), and we’re collaborating with Bedford Cheese Shop to fill our newly launched cheese board ($70) with their cheeses. It’s very much like we’re hosting people.”

Top Five
Parisa Fowles-Pazdro pairs beef-bourguignon treats with plush llamas at her high-end, non-smelly dog emporium, Max-Bone (21 Crosby St.).

“I love this hoodie’s ($55) material; it’s rayon, the same as a human shirt. Dogs don’t shed as much when it’s on, so it’s also practical.”

“This velvet bow tie ($50) has a loop, so you can use it as a collar. Otherwise, it’s very soft, and designed just like a human bow.”

“I don’t like the way dog treats usually smell. These are mostly odorless, but have a beef-bourguignon flavor and great packaging ($15).”

“Dogs love hiding, so when they walk into the store, they usually go straight for this teepee ($220). The stripes are really nice.”

“Dog toys don’t need to be ugly. They can look like baby toys, like this plush llama ($25) that’s just more durable and has a squeak.”

*This article appears in the December 26, 2016, issue of New York Magazine.

Glossier’s First Store, Colorful Champagne Glasses, and More