Ikea Attempts to Solve Relationship Problems by Having You Buy Stuff

Spending a day in the labyrinthine interior of an Ikea is enough to break even the strongest of relationships, but their newest ad campaign looks to bring people together via the power of … spending money on stuff.

The Swedish furniture giant’s “Retail Therapy” campaign took into account the most-Googled relationship questions in Sweden, then created a site,, in which each product is named for which query it could ostensibly solve.

For instance “He Doesn’t Want to Move In Together,” is paired with toothbrush holder, while “My Family Doesn’t Respect Me,” gets you a queen costume. The product’s actual names are Stugvik and Lattjo, respectively. (The most delightful question that Swedes apparently Google is “ate too many Swedish meatballs.”)

Other products include the “He Doesn’t Text Me Back” USB port and the “My Partner Is Selfish” sink replacement.

Scrolling through the entire site, it’s still pretty evident that the answer to all of those troubles is the classic $4 eight-pack of Ikea Cinnamon Buns.

Ikea Selling You Stuff to Solve Relationship Problems