Kathy Griffin Booed Megyn Kelly for Saying There’s ‘Much to Admire’ About Donald Trump

Megyn Kelly and Kathy Griffin at The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment breakfast. Photo: Getty Images

Megyn Kelly’s relationship with Donald Trump is complicated. The two ostensibly reconciled after a public feud that lasted months, but Kelly has had no qualms about publicizing Trump’s threats to her during the campaign, and she recently blamed Trump’s social-media director for the death threats she receives online. But at The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment breakfast on Wednesday, Kelly buried the hatchet and said there was “much to admire” about the president-elect.

It seems, however, that her comments did not sit well with one of the breakfast’s attendees. Kathy Griffin booed Kelly from her seat, reportedly yelling — in reference to Trump — “Fuck him!”

Even after Griffin’s comments, Kelly maintained her composure, reasserting, “There is much to admire about him, and I think the more we understand that and understand why he won the election, the better off we’ll be as a country and understand each other.” She went on, “We should appeal to his best angels and we should hold him to account when the little devils appear … [And] if a fight is unavoidable, then we fight, with composure and with grace.”

Kelly also praised Hillary Clinton, and she drew loud applause when she said Michelle Obama “set the example for us all in how to stand up for what we believe in with grace and class.”

She added that, although she’s been on the receiving end of sexism numerous times, there’s “no time for lamentations — there’s no time for wallowing. We have got to get to work. We’ve got to do better. We have to be better.”

Kathy Griffin Booed Megyn Kelly for Praising Donald Trump