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Two of the Most Googled Diets in 2016 Are Just Delicious Foods

Photo: Getty Images

Google’s annual year in search is a treasure trove of data about what people searched for over the past 12 months. Much of it is “grim” and “heartbreaking,” but there is a bright spot in the most unlikely of places: the diets section.

Presenting that category’s top trending searches in 2016:

Photo: Courtesy of Google

Yes, numbers two and eight are just wonderful foods with the word “diet” added to them. People searching for the taco diet may have meant to Google the taco cleanse, which is really a cookbook that satirizes the diet industry. And “pizza diet” searches were likely the result of a New York City chef who lost 100 pounds after eating pizza for lunch every day (and changing his diet in lots of other ways). This concludes the year in wishful thinking.

Two of 2016’s Most-Googled Diets Are Just Delicious Foods