Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of December 26

Illustration: Jen May

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Thursday brings a new moon in Capricorn. Under this dark new moon, feel your feet on the earth; feel yourself in your body. Does the earth smell like dirt, or does it smell like ice? Are there words written on the sidewalk, prints in the snow? Can you feel your own edges, your own limits? You don’t have to learn to fly this week. There’s magic on the ground, right here.

Aries: There are moments that can shock a person into a different kind of recognition. Like this: You wake up one morning and your skin just feels different, your clothes don’t fit quite right. Or like this: You speak a word so many times that its sound starts to echo. What will you do, this week, when you look out the window and see a different life than the one you thought you were living? There’s something frightening here, but there’s a freedom in it, too.

Taurus: It’s easy to think the answer to life is becoming a person other than the person you are. Like there’s a model of goodness somewhere, like if you kept traveling inward forever and ever, you’d eventually find the truth, small and smooth as a pebble. It’s a strange trap, this desire to polish yourself until you’re perfect. This week, turn your gaze outside your self, outside your windows, outside the familiar contours inside your own head.

Gemini: You might feel like your senses are heightened, this week, like your ears pick up every small sound, like your skin can feel every change in the wind. There’s something hovering just out of sight, something you can feel but not name. There are experiences that can overwhelm you, but there are experiences, too, that can shock you back into your body, back into a sense of joy. The world sings a full, rich song: If you listen, this week, you can hear it.

Cancer: There will be people who tell you that this world is too vicious to ever give you what you need. There will be people who say that there’s no way home. There will be people who tell you there’s no place for you, no time, no future. Listen: A small imagination won’t save them, and it won’t save you either. The future you want won’t be easy, but it will be possible.

Leo: This week, it’s okay to spend some real time with the questions haunting you, the ones heavy in your days and loud in your dreams. You have a steady heart and a good sharp mind, but still there are problems that can’t be solved by logic or your own iron goodness. This isn’t the same thing as being unsolvable. Different kinds of terrain call for different kinds of vehicles, and different kinds of puzzles call for different kinds of tools.

Virgo: It might be important, this week, to identify the question that’s really driving you — the big question, the bright one, the one you can’t help but return to. Try to stick to this question, without straying and without doubt. There’s so much noise that will seek to distract you, so much sorrow that can try to weigh you down, but this question can be your compass. This dream can be your north star. It can draw you forward when your own energy’s not enough.

Libra: The idea of the truth is so sweet, so clean, with a sound like a church bell, a birdcall. This week is for reckoning with the strangeness and the heaviness of truth in our world. This week is for practicing, again and again until it becomes natural, what it means not to tell a lie — not out of ease, not out of fear, not out of thoughtlessness. Real honesty is so much harder than it should be, so much harder than you’d think. There’s no shame in knowing courage takes practice.

Scorpio: It’s weird, how far and how fast a person can travel in life. One day you’re outside on a sunny porch, dreaming, and the next minute you’re here. One day you’re alone in a quiet room — but you can’t stay there, and you can’t stay small forever. You keep growing older, and you keep learning. The farther you roam, the braver you learn how to be. It doesn’t make things any easier, but it can bring the world into sweet, clear focus.

Sagittarius: It isn’t fair to expect your own human mind to keep expanding forever, into infinity. You don’t need to be present for every moment that could ever happen; you don’t have to remember every face you’ve ever seen. Practice narrowing your focus this week, a least a little. Practice letting some moments pass you by. It’s not so bad. If you really work at it, you can feel space inside yourself begin to open up again. If you quit trying to do every single thing, you can decide for yourself where your energy goes.

Capricorn: As much as you can manage, this is a week for living in the physical world. Your head can grow crowded with all these thoughts, all these fears, all these expectations. An imaginary life can grow unwieldy so quickly and so easily; it can crowd you out of your own mind. But these days are still yours, and this life is still yours. A headache, a growling stomach, a pair of cold hands — these are all signs that you’re still here. These are all moments that can call you back to yourself, back into your life.

Aquarius: You don’t need to do anyone else’s work for them. You don’t need to make things easier for anyone looking to steal your hope or your fire. You already know how much cruelty exists in the world, how much hardship, how much boredom. You already know what you’re up against. There are powerful forces moving through the world like a storm. You still have a future and you still have a voice and you still have days full of sweetness ahead.

Pisces: This is a week to remember your layers, to remember the wildness of yourself. Underneath your tenderness there’s a courage like steel; underneath your steely hardness is a heart as soft as water. You haven’t tapped all your resources yet — how could you have? There are types of strength still buried deep. There is bravery that even you have never seen. As you move through the world, assume that you have the strength you need to act courageously, because you do. Assume that you have enough love inside you, because you do.

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of December 26