Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of December 5

Illustration: Jen May

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On Wednesday, Venus moves into Aquarius. There’s a kind of freedom on the way, but it’s a strange one. If you treat the people in your life with fairness and without selfishness, what could open up inside you? If you looked at your own heart without fear or shame, what light could find its way in?

Aries: When you look around, when you really look, you can see the world cracking, you can see corners peeling. But there’s still space for you here. You have your hands and your blood and your dreams. There’s light in your eyes and a bright, flowing quickness in your thoughts. Fear isn’t the only thing that’s grown stronger. There’s joy even now, but you know that already.

Taurus: Take a warm bath and watch the steam rise off your skin. Put a kettle on the stove and watch the steam rise to the ceiling. Even you aren’t made of iron. Even you have bones and a body. Sometimes it helps to let water and air call you back to yourself. Remember what it feels like to let your heart go soft. What do you love? What will you fight for? There’s room for sorrow, and there’s room to rise.

Gemini: This sea you’re crossing will require a different kind of navigation. These waves rocking you back and forth will call for a different kind of balance. When you look up to the stars, do you know where you’re going? Do you know where you are? Balance can feel like stillness, but it can also feel like dance. If you remember the shape of your body and the way it moves, this is a start. Remember where you stand in the world, and don’t stop looking outward.

Cancer: If you could become something other than what you are, would you? Would you change yourself into a tree, a hawk, a moss-covered rock? Dreams of the impossible aren’t enough to feed you, but they can point to something true. They can open up cracks of light. Don’t let your dreaming get in the way of your work here, but don’t let your work deprive you of your wild imagination, either.

Leo: This is a week for spending time with other people. This is a week for sharing your space. Try calling your family; try cooking for someone you love. On the sidewalks downtown, or in the aisles of the grocery store, or on the bus home from work, there are people all around you, and they’re all trying to live. In the least special places, you still don’t have to be alone. Think, this week, about how we can rely on each other. Think, this week, about how to be someone who can be relied on.

Virgo: Walk to the top of a hill in your town, or to the center of an open field. Look out into the world all around you. If you feel far from your people, far from the life you want, it’s okay. If the wind blows right through your jacket to your skin, you won’t be cold forever. If you need it, if you think it might help, grant yourself a moment of pure loneliness this week. Just remember the way home again, where the kitchen is warm. Remember your way back to the fight.

Libra: Even you, with all your bright energy, can’t do everything. Even you have to live in a world that’s bigger than you are. This doesn’t mean that your powers are less than you thought they were. There’s so much you can do, and so much the world needs from you. There’s reason to feel sorrow and reason to feel anger, but not to stop trying. You can’t build a whole world, but you can build a house. You can’t rewrite all the past, but you can still tell a story.

Scorpio: When the world seems to spin out of orbit, and the ground feels too soft under your feet, there are still things you can learn, still things you can do. You can learn to bake a loaf of bread; you can learn to build a table. You can learn, all over again, how to show tenderness to the children in your neighborhood and to the plants in your window. A human life is better and more precious than we’ve been told. These are ways of remembering.

Sagittarius: The world will keep getting louder this week, full of voices and echoes and your own buzzing thoughts. Remind yourself, when it gets to be too much, that you don’t need to listen to all of this noise. You don’t owe anyone your attention; you don’t owe anyone your belief. The world is strange and large and full of wrong ideas, but there is still music, there’s still wisdom, there’s still real love. Your energy isn’t infinite, though it’s bright and important and good. Keep seeking the truth.

Capricorn: It’s okay, sometimes, to need to stay dry in the rain. It’s okay, sometimes, to retreat a little, to stay home under your blankets. Energy isn’t static, and neither is courage. When your energy drains from your body, and when your courage wanes, how will you find strength again? Remember to drink water and sleep when you can, but there’s more than that, too. You can listen to songs that make you cry. You can visit the friend who holds you tightest. A human body can need strange things, but its need is still real.

Aquarius: The world is big enough that you can’t control the way it spins. What’s weirder is how hard it can be to control your own thoughts, your own dreams, your own words. There is the self that you know, and there’s an even bigger wildness. There are the things you think you can do, then there’s the energy that keeps spilling over, bright and alive. This week is for noticing the parts of you that escape control. This week is for letting your energy keep moving, and seeing what it can do.

Pisces: It’s important, this week, to get outside of your own house. You could go to the library down the street, maybe, or go out to breakfast, or walk around the lake. You could visit someone you love, if you wanted, but you don’t have to go far. The important thing this week is reminding yourself of the physical world. You don’t have to strive for happiness, you just have to open your own front door. 

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Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of December 5