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Mindy Kaling Is Frustrated With All the Ocean’s Eight Paparazzi Because They Don’t Care About Her at All

Ocean’s Eight, the female-led reimagining of Ocean’s Eleven, stars pretty much everyone you’ve ever heard of, and because of that, the film has started to draw massive numbers of paparazzi to the set. They are not there for Mindy Kaling, not even a little bit. As Kaling explained on Late Night, try as she might, she just can’t get the paparazzi to focus on her instead of Rihanna. Also, everyone keeps thinking that she’s Sandra Bullock’s assistant. Honestly, this all sounds like the setup for a rom-com where Mindy Kaling seduces a dashing paparazzo in order to get into more tabloids, but then … maybe their love becomes real?

Mindy Kaling Is Frustrated With the Ocean’s Eight Paparazzi