This Article About a Real Housewife Co-parenting a Goldendoodle Is the Ultimate in Trend-Piece Mad Libs

The New York Times style section has refused to let the year slip away without publishing one more truly absurd trend piece, and so, in light of this, let us all take a moment to explore the wild world of dog co-parenting.

It opens with “when RJ King, Tripp Swanhaus and Carole Radziwill decided to share a miniature goldendoodle last year, friends discouraged it and scratched their heads,” which is one of the most beautiful sentences ever published in the English language. Go ahead, read it again. It’s like a choir of angels singing.

The trio — which includes both a model and a Real Housewife — has adopted Baby, a pet that splits its time between their three apartments in one Soho building. It’s safe to say that Baby lives a better life than 98 percent of people.

But that doesn’t mean that dog co-parenting does not bring with it a fair share of drama. For instance, writer Bob Morris calls Baby “slightly ill mannered at times.” Meanwhile, King had his own issues with a dog trainer they once tried, saying “she was a disaster, and she was also arrogant.”

And there are appearances by other controversial celebrities:

Baby, who had once been the bridesmaid of Toast, the popular dog of Josh Ostrovsky, the Instagram celebrity known as the Fat Jew, had no plans.  

As well as other unfortunate incidents in co-parenting:

Andrea Arden, a dog trainer, was dating a man and sharing his Doberman. When they broke up, he offered visitation rights, leading to getting back together and then getting married. “He told me it was because we were soul mates,” she said. “But I think it had more to do with the dog.”

They’re now divorced and the dog is deceased, giving them a definitive ending.

Baby notably did not provide comment for the article herself.

Here’s an Article About a Real Housewife Co-parenting a Dog