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Sarah Hyland’s Christmas Wish Is Every Pizza Lover’s Wish

Sarah Hyland. Photo: CHRIS DELMAS/AFP/Getty Images

We now know, thanks to her most recent photo caption on Instagram, that Sarah Hyland is, like all super-relatable celebrities everywhere, a pizza lover in love with pizza to the nth degree. While many other celebrities and models have claimed to love the varying forms of pizza in all its cheesy glory, the Modern Family actress admits to the one not-so-fun fact about pizza: It’s anything but low-calorie. Which means, of course, if you’re hoping for a fit bod, you’re limiting your pizza intake or logging hours at the gym. (Such sacrifices we must make to enjoy our vanity, good health, and greasy deliciousness!)

With such a reality, it’s no wonder Hyland’s one true Christmas wish is one that all pizza lovers (and junk food lovers everywhere) eagerly wish too: “All I want for Christmas is ….. to be able to eat all the pizza in the world and still have abs without having to workout.”

Us, too, Sarah, us too.

And yes, Hyland did reference her boyfriend of one year, Dominic Sherwood, in her photo. Yes, that is actually a photo of her and said boyfriend. But do not be fooled. He came second to pizza in matters of the heart. Priorities, people. Priorities.

Sarah Hyland’s Christmas Wish Is Every Pizza Lover’s Wish