The Pantsuit Nation Facebook Group Is Being Turned Into a Book

Hillary Clinton. Photo: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Pantsuit Nation, the invitation-only Facebook group for Hillary Clinton supporters that now contains more than 4 million members, is getting a book deal.

The group was initially founded as a place for Clinton supporters to come together and voice their support for the nominee — and to post their pantsuit-clad voting selfies — but since the election, many women have turned to Pantsuit Nation to share their stories of sexism and xenophobia, and to craft an action plan for the coming years.

After Clinton referenced the group in her concession speech, 33-year-old founder Libby Chamberlain took her words as a call to action, reaching a deal with Flatiron Books to compile the stories and images on the page in a book.

“I believe Pantsuit Nation was more important on the morning of Nov. 9 than it was on the morning of Nov 8,” Chamberlain wrote in a post. “Our charge and mission going forward are no less than changing the course of this country’s history. And we’ll do it through stories.”

Chamberlain has also filed the paperwork to establish Pantsuit Nation as a nonprofit organization, to “support the advocacy, education, and political action efforts” that have already grown out of the site.

“I believe that collecting our stories in a book is an important step, and a very exciting one,” she continued. “The book will further our mission and the premise that stories give meaning to action and that meaningful action leads to long-term, sustainable change.”

The Pantsuit Nation Facebook Group Is Getting a Book Deal