Tina Fey Tells Everyone the Real Reason Hillary Clinton Lost the Election

Tina Fey: political analyst. Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for The Hollywood Reporter

Tina Fey has a plan to survive the Trump presidency, and it involves Mike Judge’s Idiocracy and maybe — maybe — a Twitter fight. But although she’s forging ahead, Fey still has regrets about Hillary Clinton’s loss. After a few weeks to think about why Clinton was defeated, Fey told the audience at The Hollywood Reporter’s annual Women in Entertainment breakfast that she finally had the answer.

“I promised myself I wouldn’t get up here today and talk about the election, because when I get written up in Breitbart, I want it to be because they’re mad that I’m making an all-female Hitler biopic,” Fey said during her acceptance speech for THR’s Sherry Lansing Award.

“But I have to say, I think the real reason that Hillary lost — and it’s the thing that people are afraid to talk about: not enough celebrity music videos urging people to vote,” she said. “I just think if there had been, like, one more funny rap, or like, another Hamilton parody, or something. Just like a little more hustle from Liz Banks and we could’ve taken Michigan.”

Sorry, Lena Dunham: Guess the sexy pantsuit just wasn’t enough.

Tina Fey Knows Why Hillary Clinton Lost the Election