Watch Alice in Wonderland Take Over Sergio Rossi’s Italian Shoe Factory


To kick off the holiday season, luxury shoe brand Sergio Rossi filmed a festive, fashionable version of Alice in Wonderland in its Italian factory. Shot by Bruno Miotto and titled The Magic Kingdom, the clip above stars models Nataliya Buycheva, Bumika Arora, and Lou Schoof, who chase a rabbit among sewing machines in the spirit of Lewis Carroll — all while wearing heels. Magic!

Sergio Rossi’s factory has been in San Mauro Pascoli, Italy, since the label was established in 1950 — the small town is also home to designer Giuseppe Zanotti. “The first time I visited our factory, I was blown away by the structure, the knowledge and the methodical nature of the artisans,” says CEO Riccardo Sciutto. “I felt incredibly inspired, as if I was witnessing real magic taking place in front of me.”

Behind-the-scenes photos from the set — of stuffed tigers, playing cards, and tiny doors — are in the slideshow ahead.

Watch Alice in Wonderland Take Over an Italian Shoe Factory