Zach Braff Can’t Stop Reminding Us That He’s Related to Mitt Romney Through a Witch

Fun fact. Photo: Getty Images

We all have a “fun” fact about ourselves that we bring up in conversation time and time again. Maybe you don’t eat gluten. Maybe you were a horse girl growing up. For Zach Braff, it’s this: He is related to Mitt Romney through a witch.

TMZ surprised Braff as he was leaving a restaurant in Los Angeles on Monday night to ask him if it’s true that he’s related to a witch who went through the Salem Witch Trial. Braff confirmed it, then added that he and Romney are related to the same witch.

Braff also told TMZ that he and Romney sat next to each other on a plane once, presumably referring to this 2014 encounter, during which Braff tweeted that he and Romney were “having the best conversation ever.” Probably because Braff brought up the fact that he and Romney are related, via one (1) witch.

See, back in 2012, Braff took to Reddit (yes) to share a scanned newspaper article that reported he and Romney are related via Rebecca Nurse, who was hanged during the Salem Witch Trials and later featured in The Crucible by Arthur Miller.

Anyway, maybe this is all viral marketing for Garden State 2, starring Mitt Romney.

Zach Braff Is Related to Mitt Romney Through a Witch