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15 Faces Taylor Swift Makes in Her New Music Video

Today we got to see the video for Zayn and Taylor Swift’s Livejournal-poetry-inspired Fifty Shades of Grey sex anthem “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” which features Zayn looking like a man who has definitely vaped erotically once or twice in his life, and Taylor looking like a high-school drama student performing a one-woman play about grief that she wrote herself. Take a look:

Oh, shoot, did I leave the oven on?

Ugh, I definitely did.

Zaaaaaaaaaaaayn, help.

When you run into one of your squad member’s exes.

When you realize you really need to go to the bathroom.


The face you make when you’ve never been to an orgy before.

Karlie taught her this look.

When you hear someone trying to open the bathroom door while you’re mid-stream.

Taylor actually thought this was a music video for a new Twilight movie, which is why part of it features her transforming into a werewolf.



Oh, god, it’s happening …

Wait for it …


Goodbye, cruel world :(

15 Faces Taylor Swift Makes in Her New Music Video