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9 Over-the-top Earrings to Beat the Winter Blues

The newest style trends of 2017 have begun to emerge. And among the tulle skirts and oversize accessories, we’re excited about big, bold ear candy. They may cause friends to do a double-take, but that’s the point: Chunky, colorful, outfit-defining earrings will take the focus off that drab winter coat you’ve been wearing for weeks on end and make you feel alive. And when you can’t bear to put any effort into your outfit, try a dramatic pair from the mix below. Your T-shirt and jeans feel so fancy.

New Year, new gear. These flashy sequined earrings are the perfect addition to revive 2016’s jewelry collection.

Chokers are out. Pendants are in. Yes. That means in earring form, too!

Pom-poms have had their moment attached to designer shoes, key chains, and beanies. And now, you can hang them from your ears like fuzzy Christmas ornaments.

An elegant take on chain-link hoops, these emerald gems are the perfect pop of color.

Three-dimensional pendants? We can’t look away.

If you love games, these are the way to go.

Twists and turns make knot earrings a quirky take on a classic accessory.

If ever you need a spare paper clip, you can take these right out of your ear and put them to good use.

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Trend Alert: 9 Funky Earrings to Wear in 2017