A Tribute to Victoria’s Gloriously Over-the-top Updos

Victoria on PBS.

One big problem with the era of peak TV: Everybody has the same hair. Thank God, then, for PBS’s Victoria. A historical drama about Queen Victoria (Jenna Coleman) and her ascent to the throne at 18 years old, Victoria is a rare oasis of interesting hair in a desert of identical bouncy blowouts.

Of course, one’s teenage years are always a rich period of hair experimentation (remember butterfly clips?), but it turns out that rich 19th-century teens, what with their regular ball-attendance and absence of blow-dryers, were even more ambitious than the rest. The first episode shows Queen V. developing her signature lewk — two braids looped around the ears to meet in the back — while hair-accessorizing like a mad genius and populating her court with a cornucopia of equally eclectic updos.

So next time you go to the hairdresser, don’t go for a blowout or slicked-back ponytail: Show up with a fistful of ribbons, flowers, and jewels and ask for one of these innovative Victorian-inspired dos instead.

A Tribute To Victoria’s Gloriously Over-the-top Updos